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The Book of Lore - The Shadow Temples [INDEX]

[Chapter1] First Scroll of Lore [1268 - History]
[Chapter2] Second Scroll of Lore [1262 - The Binding]
[Chapter3] Third Scroll of Lore [1258 - The Ruins]
[Chapter4] Fourth Scroll of Lore [1260 - Traversing the Planes]
[Chapter5] Fifth Scroll of Lore [1261 - The Monks]
[Chapter6] Sixth Scroll of Lore [1259 - The Creatures]
[Chapter7] Seventh Scroll of Lore [1264 - The Dark Archway]
[Chapter8] Eighth Scroll of Lore [1265 - The Sacred Nexus Temple]
[Chapter9] Ninth Scroll of Lore [1263 The City of Shade]
[Chapter10] Tenth Scroll of Lore [1266 - The Apprentice, Lord Shadow]
[Chapter11] Eleventh Scroll of Lore [1267 - The Netheril Magicks]
[Chapter12] Twelfth Scroll of Lore [1269 - Greater Youth Magic]

[Chapter1] First Scroll of Lore [1268 - History]

History - 1268

Little is known about the Shadow Temples aside from what I've documented in the
past twelve years. There is more to the temples than simply reaching the shadow
realm. The Nexus Temple is full of mystique and mysteries and serves as not only
the gateway to the shadow realm but the gateway to all planes of existence.

When the Archway was first created it was a portal to the Nexus which is the
center of all planes of existence. The Netherese would use this portal to
explore and reach scapes that many thought to be non existent. During the time
of Karsus and the destruction of the weave the flying city called Shade was
moved to the Shadow Realm to protect its citizens from Karsus's spell. This of
course moved the only known portal to the Nexus into the shadow realm as well.

The portal was guarded by the Warriors of Shar for many years, up until Mask
made the Nexus his home and used his magic to remake the Nexus into a Temple
giving it the appearance it now has. Furthermore, Mask stole the Archway
portal and turned it into what is now known as the Shadow Temples. These shadow
temples would be the only access to the Nexus Temple for the world of Faeurn,
and in turn would be the only way to reach the City of Shade or any other plane
of existence although the Shadow Realm is what is most commonly visited.

Mask hid the temples within a Dark Cloud that hovers above the realms. It's
location is not so easily found and it is possible that the clouds move
freely in the sky. A tome granted me some hint as to where to look:

"The cloud part, the sky breathes, the streams flow freely over these....nestled

tightly a child weeps."

[Chapter2] Second Scroll of Lore [1262 - The Binding]

The Binding - 1262

The Binding ritual is known only to the Shade Knights and the Nexus Monk, the
highest Priest of Mask. To perform the ritual one must possess all the virtues
of Mask, shade magic, and a nexus stone. The process is as follows:

To begin you must wear an item and bear the stone. State the words of unbinding
and stand with a statue as a statue. A knights sacrifice must then be made,
although a spirit or elemental aura make be substituted during this part. The
remnance of the primary virtue, followed by a display of it, althought not
exceeded, followed by the remnance of the old "magics". Lastly ask to be sent
to "the ruins".

This process is long and drawn out and only those who have the health to
sustain the stress should attempt the ritual. Also, any imbalance or change in
surroundings can throw up the precision of the ritual. I once saw a beetle
fly into the binding archway during a ritual and two Shade Knights were

[Chapter3] Third Scroll of Lore [1258 - The Ruins]

The Ruins in the Sky - 1258

12th day of Tarsakh, 1258

I have dedicated a great majority of my time and life to mapping the realms of
Waterdeep, and just when I felt I had completely finished I have stumbled across
a new uncharted piece of land. It is a strange place and appears to be the ruins
of an ancient temple. What makes this an even stranger find is that it is a
piece of land floating in mid air, as if a mountain top had be cut and turned
upside down. I still have yet to figure out how it remains floating in the air
but what I do know is that it is a surrounded by a cloud that hides it from
view which makes it extremely difficult to find, I think I was lucky to have
even stumbled across it.

0th day of Flamerule, 1258

I have spent the past two months completely baffled by these ruins. There is
a small child who after much coaxing has come to tell me that he is a child
of shade, kidnapped, seperated from his twin brother and placed in the ruins
as a protector? It struck me as very odd, but oh well. He also told me that
there is a ghost on the loose, he refered to it as the ghost of Temperance
but chasing it seems to be hopeless, he also said something about a ghost
of Fortitude that haunts the Mask's Great Temple and the monks that reside
within to the south. I was confused by his words since there are only ruins
to the south, maybe there is more than what meets the eye.

10th day of Nightal, 1258

For five months I've studied and read lore about the City of Shade and the
Shadow realm now. These ruins seem to be directly linked to the shadow realm
some how and the pillars are the key to getting there. I'm not sure what
awaits me beyond these ruins, but my curiousity has always gotten the better of
me. I noticed one of the pillars was loose, perhaps on purpose since after
greater inspection all the pillars were loose. This is the first step in my new
quest to find the lost City of Shade and the Shadow Realm.

[Chapter4] Fourth Scroll of Lore [1260 - Traversing the Planes]

Traversing the Temples - 1260

Traversing is the key to reaching the Nexus Temple, but it is no simple task and
is definitely not for the weak of mind. When traversing, opening your eyes is the
last thing you want to do. When in doubt, resting your eyes always pays off.

0th day of Hammer, 1260

I've finally learned the uses of the pillars, and how they are alive and respond
to shifts left and right. In correct sequence you can traverse. I find myself
within what seems to be a parrallel existence of the temple ruins. Everything
has come to life and the ruins are no longer ruins but have been replaced or
restored to their original or restored states. The carvings on the wall were a
great help in figuring out the secrets to the pillars. I stole a book from the
head Monk here titled "The Four Pillars", unfortunately I was attacked by a
Veserab who after spitting acid at me burned the book. What I did manage to read
was that there are actually three planes of existence all that make up the Shadow
Temple or Temples. The entire area is a giant portal to the Nexus Temple, which
is where you can assumingly just walk into the Shadow Realm. The difficulties lie
in the fact that each plane requires you to traverse to the next plane through the
uses of Shade magic. The pillars are essential because they are made out of pure
shade essences of Shade magic and thus have to be used in the traversal of the

27 day of Uktar, 1260

I've spent the last few months in an utter bind trying to figure out the magic
of the four pillars within what I've now named the Material Plane. These pillars
unlike the ones in Ruins Plane respond everytime you walk into the room. It's
not something noticeable, but something definitely happens each time you step
into the room. I've found myself completely dumbfounded by what to do next and
my plan is to infilrate the Monk society to perhaps get a better grasp on what
is needed to be done.

[Chapter5] Fifth Scroll of Lore [1261 - The Monks]

The Monks - 1261

5th day of Hammer, 1261

After a month of carefully watching the monks of the Material Plane I've learned
that the monks rest their minds to return to the ruins. Simply put, if you sleep
you may find your path back to the ruins in your dreams. These monks also
recruit apprentices from all over the realms, but more specifically they kidnap
children from the City of Waterdeep, Daggerford, and Port Llast. They carefully
bring them back to the temple through the traversal of the Ruins Plane and into
the temple. Each child is then traversed by force into the next plane. Although
I'm not sure how it is accomplished, some of these children return within
minutes as adults and at that point each that returns stands before the Head
Monk and he then decides who is worthy and who is not worthy of starting their
training. I've decided to lay down my arms and approach the Head Monk in an
attempt to start training as a monk.

2nd day of Ches, 1261

After two months of presenting myself to the Head Monk he has finally accepted me
as an apprentice. After listening to him speak I've learned it might be harder
than I thought to become a monk. I must kneel before him while having in my
possession three bracers, and a piece of wisdom. Then and only then can I
enter and leave the temple freely and be called a Monk. Also, I noted that the
head monk has two staffs, not just one. One he leaves lying around precariously
while the other he never lets out of his sight. It's an item I have set my sights
on and I will attain before leaving this temple.

1st day of Nightal, 1261

The year has come to an end and I'm barely accomplishing my Monk training. I was
disappointed that after so much hard work, so little was granted to me. Like a
pawn I was instructed to stand outside the temple doors and guard the Temple
with my life, of course that is not a life for an elder such as myself, so I
devoted my time to studying the ancient language of the Netherese which has been
adopted by the Nexus Monk.

[Chapter6] Sixth Scroll of Lore [1259 - The Creatures]

The Creatures - 1259

6th day of Hammer, 1259

I've decided to document all the creatures I've come to see here. So far there
is one unique breed that I've noticed. Small cat-like creatures refered to as
Puemars by the temple monks are very protective of their young. Also, they have
Crimson Ruby gems embedded in their foreheads. The gems on the hatch lings and
on the mothers are undeveloped and of no use, but those on the Puemar Father can
be used for different purposes if extracted properly. The gnomes of longsaddle
would definitely be interested in their uses, and the weeping child mentioned
something about restoration stones.

11th day of Marpenoth, 1259

Within in the strange temple of Mask, it seems there is much talk of a creature
referred to as a Veserab. A long worm like flying creature with wings. Although
most of the monks are fearless of these creatures, there are rumors that a large
Mythical Veserab existed in the plane and that it was three times the size of
a regular Veserab. Every monk would cower at just the talk of it, but they also
said that killing a legendary Veserab would bring a warrior great fortune as
their bellies are lined with rarestone gases that compress upon death to form

[Chapter7] Seventh Scroll of Lore [1264 - The Dark Archway]

The Archway - 1264

The Archway is heavily guarded but not as inpassible as its defenses suggest.
Luckily I was more than well informed before attempting to pass the guards.
There are five questions one must answer in order to be allowed entry into the
Archway and I'm certain any historian who has heard of read of the lore of the
Nethereese can easily make it past the guards.

[Chapter8] Eighth Scroll of Lore [1265 - The Sacred Nexus Temple]

The Sacred Nexus Temple - 1265

The Nexus Temple is actually the entrace to the City of Shade, Netheril itself.
It is also a way of reaching any part of the realm and any plane of existence.
Travellers must be wary though it seems almost impossible to control the path
you wish to take when you step into the portals of the planes.

There are many spirits that roam the Nexus Temple as well, and I believe I've
even been lucky to see Mask himself in his grand chambers although it could have
easily just been a shadow.

[Chapter9] Ninth Scroll of Lore [1263 The City of Shade]

The City of Shade - 1263

The city of Shade, Netheril is a great and fascinating place. I have drawn out
a map of where I've been, but to fully document this city would take many many

Nexus Temple

    ^^        #   F   F-F-F     F-F     F-F-F     
|| | | | | | | |
"" + F-F-F # F-F-F-F-# F-F
"" | | | |
\ + F-F F-F-F
\ | | | |
\ +-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F
\ / |
*==X F
| |
| | |
+ # #

[Chapter10] Tenth Scroll of Lore [1266 - The Apprentice, Lord Shadow]

Lord Shadow - 1266

Lord Shadow, also known as High Prince Telamont was Karsus' apprentice. Prior to
Karsus' folly, Telamont casted a spell that placed the floating city Shade of
the Netheril in the shadow realm, protecting it from the undoing of the magic
of Shade and the people known as the Shadovar. The Telamont Family line is
construed of nothing but the most adept and knowledgable Archwizards, Lord
Shadow being one of the most Powerful beings in existence.
weave. High Prince tealmont and the 12 Princes of Shade now rule over the city

[Chapter11] Eleventh Scroll of Lore [1267 - The Netheril Magicks]

Karsus's Magic - 1267
Karsus was the most powerful wizard who ever walked on Faerun. He is the only
wizard to have cast a 12th level spell (although only done once which brought
about his demise). In an attempt to become Mystryl (now known as Mystra) Karsus
destroyed the weave and brought about the demise of the once magnificent
magrocracy that was Netheril.

[Chapter12] Twelfth Scroll of Lore [1269 - Greater Youth Magic]

Notes on the Greater Spell - 1269

Since Karsus' folly, all 11th level or greater spells were banned from the realms.
Now, the Shadovar focus their studies on the mastery of 10th level arcane magic.
One such spell is that of eternal youth and life. To be able to regain control
of your youth and all your physical capabilities with the knowledge you possess
now is a feat of extrodinary proportions. Such a spell require an Archwizard who
fully understands the magics of the shadow plane as well as time and space.
It would be unwise for anyone who is not an arcanist to attempt, thus no one
other than a wizard would have any luck completing this spell.