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Below are two lists of weapons for melee classes to use on runs. The first table is for Mercenaries while the second table is for Gladiators and Striders.

The Mercenary table is split into two columns, removable and non-removable. The non-removable versions deal more damage but have the disadvantage of being stuck with them for the duration of the run. Be mindful of the run you're on before you wear any non-removable weapon. Each weapon here is one-handed so you should carry a pair of each. A basic set of run weapons would consist of all the removable weapons below. You will gather the non-removables as you play the game.

Removable Non-removable
Damage type Weapon Location Weapon Location
Acid Dagger of BloodWolf Realm of the Swordancers AcidHeart Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Energy a Longsword forged "Darkfire" City of Zozo, Joe's Legal and Illegal Emporium The Gleaming Longsword of Isildur Balrog in Mines of Moria II
Fire The Flameblade Westbridge Hall of Heroes/Pawn Shop, The Combat Master Sword Of The Crucified Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 2500qp)
Cold A Magicite Sword of Shiva City of Vector, Geomancer Airship, Head Guard FrostChill Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Holy an Oceanic Trident Baldur's Gate, Temple of Umberlee, Priestess of Umberlee Luminus Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Life drain A Glassteel Dagger Fanatic's Tower, Titan Archmage Leech Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Lightning Lightning Blade Guardian of Destruction, Forest of Destruction LightningSoul Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Magic -- -- Magius Candlekeep Catacombs run reward
Piercing a wicked black stiletto Menzoberranzan, drow mercenary ====The Spear called "Soul Drinker"====]> Forest of Destruction Tower run reward
Slash Scimitar: Frostbrand Kelvin's Cairn run reward The Shimmering Sword of the Dragonkind Tchazzar run reward
Smash A Morningstar called "Luck of the Draw" Myth Drannor, Xelinita Littlelaughs The Redeemer of Souls Forest of Destruction Crypt shop

The situation for Gladiators and Striders is far simpler. The game is currently lacking in two-handed speciality weapons for most damage types. The weapons below will suffice for most run situations these two classes will find themselves in. These classes need not worry about removable weapons, the two listed below are simply easier to obtain than their non-removable counterparts.

Removable Non-removable
Damage type Weapon Location Weapon Location
Holy Trident BG Warhammer Titan Valley
Pierce -- -- Dagger of Titan's Fury Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 9000qp)
-- -- Spear of the Dragoon Spirit Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 9000qp)
-- -- Whip Of Serpentine Embrace Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 9000qp)
Slash -- -- Turquoise Razor Sharp Circlet Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 9000qp)
Smash Dragon's Bane Icewind Dale hero run Mace of SkullCrushing Westbridge, Quija the Great (quest reward, 9000qp)


Melee classes should carry the following assortment of items at all times. These items will help the run go smoother. Some veteran players become irritated if you do not have these things with you. Directions are from Westbridge Market Square.

  • Drugs: You should carry 5-10 each of a Dime Bag of Dank Nugs (stone skin, armor, shield, giant strength), an Eight-Ball of Coke (bless, sanctuary, detect invis, detect hidden) and Sheet of Acid (haste, iceshield, shockshield, fireshield) from Curtis's Crack Shack in New Thalos. Each drug is actually a pill that will provide you with the spells listed. 37e2ses, open east, east
  • a vial of holy water: Think of this as in the same category as the drugs but is a potion. Sold at the Westbridge Apothecary, carries the protection evil spell which will reduce damage from many common run mobs. 4s3en
  • a potion of beef me up: Another in the category of drugs, this potion carries frenzy which will increase your rolls. Found in the Hall of Heroes under Westbridge Pawn shop, only accessible to hero-level characters. 8sen2d
  • ** a scroll of Mass Rejuvenation: These are commonly referred to as healing scrolls, casting mass healing twice and refresh mana twice. Melee classes are expected to bring 50 or so with them at the start of each run. When reciting these scrolls, you should always recite with your healer as the target to help regenerate their mana. Example, if Jimbob was my healer I would "recite mass jimbob". 11w10n10w2swn4ws

Other Information[edit]

  • Lotto: After a run is over, the group will "lotto" the loot. This process has been streamlined over the years. The staging area for the process is located 4s2wsu from Westbridge Market Square. Go there after a run and simply wait. Veteran players know how the system works and will configure it properly. You'll understand it after a couple rounds of it. Don't forget to do the 'vis' command to make sure the lotto machine can see you and ensure you have detect invis/hidden.
  • Summoning: Nothing irritates a summoner more than failing a summon because the target wasn't set properly. Before you ask for a summon, ensure that you have friended the summoner (via the 'friend <character>' command), have toggled 'config summon' so you are not immune to summon, toggled config friend so your friends are turned on and that you are not in a room flagged [SAFE] such as Westbridge recall.
  • Have fun and ask questions: I know, these should seem obvious. Your first couple runs are likely to be a whirlwind for you because you'll typically be running with several veteran players who have done these runs dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. Even if you think it might irritate Grumbly the Priest, ask questions. Ensure you have the right weapons for the mobs you are about to engage. Ask for clarification on anything you don't understand, such as strategy before entering a particular room.