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This is a list of what areas quests will go to for each level. I took a sample size of 10 quests per level to get a decent idea of the range of quests.

LEVEL 1[edit]

Caves of mist 4 times
Torregianno tower once
Hoard clanhall once
Elemental Canyon twice
Trollbark Forest Once
Candlekeep once

LEVEL 2[edit]

Lizard Marsh 6 times
New Thalos 4 times

LEVEL 3[edit]

Mob Factory 3 times
Daggerford 2 times
Holy Grove 2 times
Elemental Canyon 3 times

LEVEL 4[edit]

New Thalos 6 times

LEVEL 5[edit]

The Void times 3
Dwarven Daycare
Dark Continent
Elemental Canyon times 2
Mob Factory
New Thalos

LEVEL 6[edit]

Elemental Canyon times 3
New Thalos times 4
Darrowmere times 2
Cavern of the Tarrasque

LEVEL 7[edit]

Darrowmere times 3
Dark Continent times 2
Elemental Canyon
New Thalos times 2

LEVEL 8[edit]

Elemental Canyon
New Thalos times 5
Mob Factory times 4

LEVEL 9[edit]

Elemental canyon times 7
New Thalos times 2

LEVEL 10[edit]

LEVEL 95[edit]

Baldur's Gate
Icewind Dale
Archonian Chessboard