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Over the past decade, WaterdeepMUD has been home to multiple clans which
have come and gone with the passing of time. This has included two revamps
of the system and even major events that put clans against each other in a
death struggle to survive. The following are the previous clans which have
existed in Waterdeep at one time.

Order of the Joybringers[edit]

  • Alignment: good
  • Type: pure NPK
  • Patrons: Lliira
  • Leaders: Lliira, Kerrigan

Lliira is a patron, this is not a church of Lliira worhshippers, there is a cult for that. This church is about joy and joy comes in all forms from all or no deities. Joy - the common bond.

Each day is another movement in the Elysian Rigadoon, the joyful dance of a life lived in rapture and without care or frustration. The joybringers seek joy by working to bestow it upon others in their celebrations, songs, and poetry. Festivals are thrown for all. We gather into celebrations the lost, the lonely, the exiled and outlaw, the shunned, and even our foes. We let people follow their own desires, and in return we never fail to follow our own with a smile on our lips and a rhythm in our step.


  • Alignment: evil
  • Type: pure NPK
  • Patrons: TBA
  • Leaders: none

Chaos. One word sums up all that is Maelstrom. They may be NPK but their nature is one of chaos, anarchy and lawless bliss. They despise the rules of all the governments and are sworn enemies with the Order of the Radiant Heart. They see no value in structure, only the instant gratification that comes from the onslaught of chaos and the residue that remains.

All anarchists and fans of chaos are welcomed here, the structure is loose and clan members have no love or loyalty for each other past the desire to bring chaos to all those who fight for order.

Crimson Guardians[edit]

We, the Guardians, a family of adventurers of diverse faiths
and backgrounds, stand unified by the common belief that in helping others,
all benefit from a better world. We pride ourselves on being a clan who
are quick to give aid to those in need, be it the young inexperienced
adventurers, or stalwart veterans. Unlike other clans, Guardians rely upon
intellect, not brawn to fulfill our duties.

Helping those worthy is a must for our clan. We encourage individuality and
thought to be expressed by our fellows. Our family exists on reputation and
goodwill, so we depend on every member to act accordingly with discretion.
We are not and shall never be slaves to the whims of those who would abuse
our goodwill.

To be inducted into our family is not an easy task, but well worth the wait
if you are truly noble, unselfish, and filled with "Guardian Spirit". It is
our deepest wish that should you choose to become a member that you would
want to do so for life.

The Beginnings :

Of the true origins of the Guardians, not many are really sure of how they came about. If it was simply a clan of non-pker  
hiding from player killers, not many are sure. Most believe they had the same ideas of honor and enlightenment as the 
current clan. Let us refer to the former clan as the lost Guardians, because most do not really have a history for them. The 
Guardians as we know it, formed about September-October of 97. Not many members of the original clan rejoined, only about 1 
out of 10. The original sum was about 20 members. Our clan has grown since then, and has shunk as well. Beltaine headed the 
second generation, and the second leader that was elected was Eclipse. Our immortal sponsor at the time was Savvy. At this 
time the clan's ideals and principles were rather lax, but most of the members were helpful and courteous to others on the 
mud. At this time we gained a healer, a healing pool that mysteriously changed to a stone table of healing. Beltaine wrote 
the descriptions for the clan hall and mobs and donated half of the money for the heal, while Eclipse gathered the rest and 
covered the rest of the Guardians' expenses. Savvy's mortal character also donated about 900 platinum to the cause. Many 
others contributed as well… including people out of the clan. (WE THANK YOU ALL). The second generation's purpose was to 
build the clan. Because there was such a want to join our clan our member limit was always quick to be meet, and as a cause 
of that we have driven the max limit higher and higher. Recently after the New Year Savvy left our kin out of sadness, but 
that is another saga in itself… Celestia then took Savvy's place once becoming an immortal, for she originally was a 
Guardian of the second generation. At that point the more outspoken members of the clan decided there was too much dead 
weight in the clan, and decided to wipe out the clan and begin anew. Some of the people involved in the reformation were 
Beltaine, Celestia, Ishamael, and Valen. Stricter requirements were issued for the next generation, and thus we decided to 
create a Legion of Honor and enlightenment of a higher degree. And the third generation was born, and its history shall now 
1/9 /98: Guardians gained the Healer Moran
1/20/98: Guardians declare an opposition to Cyric, and any Strife members who oppose them
1/25/98: Guardians members Beltaine and Valen were elected to government position.
         Valen: Mayor of Westbridge, Beltaine: Judge of Westbridge
1/27/98: Valen leaves our family to govern the city, we shall miss him
3/2 /98: Guardians gain a shopkeeper, and the Bard/trader Taliesin
3/7 /98: Guardians gain a door (really cool one), and gain a practice dummy called the evil Queen Maeve!!!
3/30/98: We have lost a very close member of our family... i hope you all remember Chrysania... if you are reading we all   
love you.

Website: http://www.geocities.ws/hrdluck/Guardian/clan.htm

Church of Mysteries[edit]

The Church of Mystra's followers.

From their old site:
The Church of Mystra is a neutral church which allows all alignments into her fold. Guardians of magic and mysteries, we serve 
the plane of  Aber-Toril as teachers and counselors between states and countries. 

Choice decision, and knowledge, leavened with a healthy dose of good for most individuals are the hallmark of Mystra's faith — 
though there are many of those who lean to the darker and the neutral sides of magic.
Magic is great power and with great power comes great responsibility. We treat magic not for the power it can wield but as a 
true art, greater and more beautiful then any other. We strive to use it efficiently and eschew carelessness and recklessness 
as it will lead to catastrophe.
We, the Mystran clergy, work hard to preserve all magical lore and sometimes in order to keep them safe hide them in secret 
libraries, private safeholds, and well guarded research laboratories so that magic may flourish eternally throughout Faerun.

We also search out beings skilled in the Art, seeking to keep watch of identities, powers, and behavior of individuals likely 
to become magic-users of great importance. Not everyone can find old magic of note, but all of Mystra's clergy are taught to 
devise their own magic so that magic will always be strong and hardy. They are the devotees of mysteries and are constantly 
enshrouded by it's mist.

Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20090720015322/http://mystra.netfirms.com/

Church of Strife[edit]

Followers of Cyric, the mad god, the god of death, the god of lies.

Shadow Thieves[edit]

Clan of exactly what the name implies, theives. Working in stealth to acomplish their ends.

The Shadow Thieves are a wide ranging guild of thieves, spies, and assasins who perform particularly dangerous, evil, and lucrative ventures. Thier activities, unlike most thieving guilds, are not limited to a single city, and they range the length of the Sword Coast from Luskan to Calimport.

The trademark of the Shadow Thieves is a black silk mast impaled upon a stiletto blade (usually used in assassinations, or left behind at the scene of a robbery).

Church of Destruction[edit]

The church of Talos the god of battle.

There came a time when the power of knowledge could
overcome any foe and this power was distributed among the
masses for all to use, and thus was formed out of the chaos:

Church of Destruction 

And this elite clan, with its awesome power is here to serve
you. We are Destroyers, a powerful force, a force of
equalization. Founded by one, supported by many. Here we are
equals. It is here that you cast away your hatred and embrace
the might of our power. We shape WD, we discover new worlds:

We Are the Church of Destruction

Archived Web Address: http://web.archive.org/web/20040407044312/http://www.members.tripod.com/churchofdes/main.htm

Harper Alliance[edit]

A clan formed as a collection of good aligned deities intended to keep evil in check.

Knights of the Shield[edit]

The Dragon's Hoard[edit]

A clan dedicated to The persuit of wealth of all kinds.

Apostles of Sune[edit]

Devout followers of Sune, goddess of love and beauty.

We of the Apostles are drawn together by our shared respect and absolute devotion to the Goddess Sune. It is our calling to spread, to all corners of the Realms, the love and beauty the Radiant One has shown us. We are a family encompassing all walks of life, a church devoted to and following only her.

Being of an independent nature, we believe in the rightfulness of destiny. While we seek to guide those who may have strayed to the ways of evil and corruption, we know they must be allowed to follow their own paths. All must follow their hearts to achieve happiness and beauty in the fullness of time.

We seek to spread love and beauty throughout the realms by example, rather than through preaching or sanctimonious judgment. We will help whosoever we feel deserving of assistance, as we each choose our paths to intersect with those around us as we please. We will not, however, aid persons of evil intent, be at the beck and call of others of good intention, or fall under the sway of corruption.

Each Apostle has a voice in what influences the church rules and decisions. No one being is more important than any other in the church. Those who choose to dedicate themselves to Sune's beauty, love, and light are encouraged to join our family and aid the realms in achieving its destiny.

The Legion[edit]


Church of Nightmares[edit]

The church of Nisstyre himself.

Within The TriPower Capital of Torregiano, a Dark Church was built, and
formed. The Church Of Nightmares, Mercenaries of the Dragon’s Hoard,
followers of Nightmares, and Nisstyre. The Church Of Nightmares is a
clan of killers and thieves, and people who look for any time of
money. They only keep true bonds with other clans that only their
Lord tells them. They only accept the best people with all trades. 

I am every nightmare every creature has ever had.  I am the dark thoughts of murder and treachery.  I am the cutting word that 
kills the soul and the bloody knife that kills the body.  I am the poison at the bottome of the cup, the noose around the 
thief’s neck, the cry of the wronged, and the shrieks of the tortured.  I am the lie.  I am the black pit of
madness.  I am Death and all things worse.  You know me.  We are old, old friends, you and I.

[The Bible of Nightmares, Nisstyre 1:1]

The Illuminati[edit]

Dedicated to the persuit and collection of all knowledge.

The Harpers[edit]

See Harpers Alliance

Magitek Army[edit]

The militant wing of the Vectorian kingdom.


Elven Alliance[edit]

Very old clan origionally founded and watched over by Teron.


Parliment of Westbridge[edit]

Founded as an attempt to install a government over westbridge and the surrounding areas. The first and only leader was Kaz.

Order of Judgement[edit]

Entered existence when the WANTED flag was introduced. The first leader, Chaldeus the General, was charged with keeping the peace and issuing jail time to those who failed to adhere to the new laws of Westbridge. Corruption was introduced upon the departure of General Chaldeus, and the clan eventually became the Church of Justice.



The Zhentarim[edit]

Church of Justice[edit]

Essentially a church dedicated to Tyr. Dedicated to aprehending and punishing those who comitted crimes

Church of Celestia[edit]

Seraphic Order[edit]

The Conclave[edit]

See Illuminatti




One of the very first clans of the mud. Was removed after the first year or so of the games existance.


See Chaos


See Chaos


This clan was mostly a joke and was incredibly short lived.