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Here we will explore the popular myths regarding the game.

Saves in Relation to Enchanting[edit]

The myth[edit]

This is an old longstanding myth that Saves affect your ability to enchant items. The theory is that the lower your saves are, the better your odds of being able to enchant an item with more rolls.

The test[edit]

For this test I spent some time (And platinum) Making the best possible set of gear I could find for pure -saves. This included replacing all gear that had saves V Breath, Rods, and petrification with Pure saves or at least saves V spell.

I was able with casting bless on all gear and bless on myself to get my saves to -232, which is not the absolute lowest it can get, but its pretty damn close. With these saves I went about attempting to enchant a stack of beginner lances from Shadowdale. I started with a pile of 20 lances. After these I Also attempted the same with a pile of Hero lances to rule out any affect item level may have on the enchanting process.

The Results[edit]

Durring the testing I was unable to get a single lance beyond 9/9 rolls with either beginner or hero lances. A few weeks previous with normal gear and saves at around -100, I was able to enchant 3 beginner lances to 11/11. This itself proves that saves have no affect on Enchanting.

Hunger Affecting Leveling Gains[edit]

The Myth[edit]

For ages people have believed that your character's hunger level affects your average gain per level. meaning that if you are hungry, your character will gain less HP per level.

The Test[edit]

For this test I created a Human Strider with approximately 9k exp per level. I did NO questing while leveling, and did not eat or drink a single time while leveling.

The Results[edit]

With this character setup My ending HP base was Approximately 6400 HP. As this is quite high for a starting base HP, I believet hat this proves that hunger has zero effect on Base HP, but also raises a new question yet to be truly tested. Does EXP per level affect your ending Base HP?

Recall % above 50[edit]

The Myth[edit]

It is a popular belief that anything above 50% on recall actually decreases your ability to recall when in combat.

The Test[edit]

There was no formal test but rather a personal observation over a few different characters over the past 15 years. Ive had characters where recall was at 50% for long periods of time, characters with high %, and characters with LOW %.

The Results[edit]

at 50% recall skill, the skill is relatively reliable. There was a definite decrease in its reliability as it increased toward 100%. Due to an unfortunate mistake regarding practicing skills on a trigger loop while at work and the boss coming into the room.... I had a characters skills and spells ALL set to 1%. This of course reduced recall to 1% as well, and I can without a shadow of a doubt confirm that this greatly affected the ability to recall from combat. This all being said. Ability to recall at 100% is nowhere near as low as ability to recall at 1%. but it apears that this ability works best when kept as close to 50% as possible. This makes the "word of recall" spell useful for retaining the emergency ability to rely on the actual recall command. As "Word of recall" % increases so does its chance to succeed. The end result of this is that recall % increasing beyond 50% Does negatively impact your ability to recall from combat.