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This page has been protected from editting to ensure the security of the files contained within. All files have been verified by myself. If you develop a plugin for mushclient specific to waterdeep and wish to see it here, please contact me in-game and I would be glad to test and post it here.

You can download the latest mushclient version here.

Basic Client Tips

  • When creating triggers and aliases, MUSHclient treats all special characters as a command. When one puts in the "triggering text" for the alias or trigger, one must make sure to click the "convert to regular expression" button. This will ad a "/" before every special character in the string. You will also notice that at the beginning and end of the string it will add 2 new special characters. These special characters mean that the triggering text must be the beginning and end of the line it apears on. This is great for making triggers so that they are not able to be abused. They are also great for alias's so that if you type in the name of one of your alias's while doing something unrelated it will not activate the alias. You can remove these characters to make it trigger on every instance of the "triggering" text. Such as the word Disarms. with the special characters intact the trigger would never fire as the word apears in the middle of the line. Delete them and it allows the trigger to fire from the middle of the line.
  • When you get your channel capture plugin running and resize your windows appropriately to sit side by side. You can now change the default width of text Go to File--->world properties--->Output. At the bottom you will see that their are two buttons, "Adjust width to size" and "adjust size to width" You want to click the first. This will force the line wrap to the edge of the resized window. otherwise it sticks the the default mud wrap length. While you are here you can change the output buffer size. The max output buffer is 50,000 lines.
  • In the World properties menu again if you click on the Commands tab. Enable Spam prevention. This will Force a look command every so often. I set mine at 15 consecutive commands. This will only activate after 15 times using the same command i a row. This is useful for extremely long walk paths. particularly accross the sea of swords.
  • In the world properties menu click on Connecting. In here you can enter your characters name and password. from the dropdown menu choose the Diku style option. in the box below put a single X. This will automatically log you in past the MOTD.

Plugin Wizard

This is a great tool for the creation of your own custom plugins. Say you have a set of triggers and alias's that are used for a common function, such as Cargo runs. You can input all of the alias's and triggers in game on a character like you normally would. Then you open the plugin wizard from the file menu. You then add these triggers and alias's within the wizards menus. put in the plugins description and add in the authors name and such. Once created the triggers and alias's disapear from your trigger and alias list. They now exist in the plugin and you can install the plugin on other characters.

Mushclient Plugins

For the following plugins, you must go to my shared google drive folder and open each file. Copy and paste the contents of each file into a notepad file and give it a name containing no spaces and ending in .xml, put these files in your Mushclient-->Worlds-->Plugins folder. You should then be able to install these on any of your characters.

Access text files here.

For each plugin I will aslo include any applicable instructions.

Channel Capture

First create a new world file. Name it "dummy" for the IP address put and leave the port number at whatever the default is. Install this plugin on a character and test it by saying "test". At this point a separate world window will pop up. Resize your main mud window and this new one to sit side by side. The "dummy" window taking up approx 1/4 of the screen on whichever side you choose. This new window will capture both Tells and Says. The plugin can be further modified to capture more channels if you study the coding of it. The language is fairly easy to understand.

I have since split this into two capture windows. Chat redirector, and Chat Redirector OOC. For the OOC version simply create another world file with IP address like above. name this world dummy1. follow all other instructions for the normal plugin. Resize both windows to fit one on top of the other to the side of your main mud window.

Command Throttler

The purpose of the Command Throttler is to prevent you from being booted off of the mud when entering incredibly long alias's for walking to far locations or such things. It only allows 2 commands to go through per second. In the global properties under the file menu, click on the Timers tab. Ensure that the interval is set to 0. I believe that the program comes this way but I am unsure.

Priest Combat Filter

This is a very powerful filter set that catches everything but basic weapon hits and omits them from the output. This is not something i recomend using full time, but is a wonderful tool for healing runs and Immquests. It also Filters out all of the equipment slots when you look at a person so all that you see is the Description and Condition message.

Combat Class Combat Filters

This is similar to the priest version. It filters significantly less things. It filters weapon extra flags, elemental shield damage, and dodges and misses.

Color Copy

This plugin allows you to highlight text and copy the string with color codes included so that it can be pasted back into the mud with color code intact. Install this plugin as directed above. To USE this function highlight the desired text and ctrl+left click the highlighted text. Then paste it as normal in the desired location.

Cargo plugin

If you feel like editing this particular addon it includes a full set of alias's and triggers for cargo runs. For the first 50 runs on a character you will have to use the alias's. After that the triggers pick up for the most part with the occasional glitch. You will have to edit the "parkship" alias as well as ALL of the triggers as they all have the directions back to my own house. All alias's and triggers will have to be eddited as well to include YOUR airship name and not mine.

Random Socials

I use this plugin to prevent the mud from logging me off for innactivity. The first time you install it, it collects a list of the muds socials and stores them as a variable list in mushclient. It will then randomly perform a social from that list at a % per period of time. I have tweaked it some myself to ensure that it doesn't go to long without performing an action. One problem I have found is when it captures the social list, it looks for a specific character to end the collection sequence. This is the stock prompt beginning. If you find that it doesnt stop collecting words when its supposed to, simply input a "<" into your command line and this should stop it from continuing to search.

  • Commands
    • socials:help - shows this description in the output window
    • socials:remove:all - removes all socials (ie. reloads the list)
    • socials:remove X - removes social X from the list (eg. social:remove burp)