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Welcome to the Waterdeep: City of Splendors mud wiki. This is an unofficial wiki maintained by the players. The foremost rescource for information regarding the game is and has always been the official website at You can connect directly to the MUD via telnet by clicking here or pointing your favorite MUD client to port 4200. If you enjoy the game, please vote for us on The Mud Connector (registration required).

In the following pages you will find the compiled information from players willing to take the time to document it. It includes:

  • a leveling guide and equipment list,
  • a listing for best in item slot for combat and caster classes,
  • a guide to some of the basic crafted items in the game,
  • and information regarding the installed activities in the game.

If you have something you wish to see on this wiki please feel free to contact Vorcet or Quintus in game or... add it yourself! Beyond the pages containing links to downloadable files, anyone is welcome to edit here.

NOTE: Many changes have been made to the game and thus the guide will be changing. Keep an eye out for updates. (28NOV2012)


Leveling Guide: basic guide to leveling


Best equipment by slot: best equipment per item slot for hero level characters
Hero Equipment Database: database of all useful equipment for hero level characters
IQ Prizes and AP Rewards: items obtainable from immortal run quests and the AP reward system
Waterdeep Item Database: An outside site owned by another individual listing ALL items on waterdeep.


Airship Guide: A guide to all things regarding airships.

  • Airship Hull Chart: A chart showing all of the hull designs and their max engines/weapons.
  • Cargo: directions originating from the Torregiano cargo manager

Hero Run Information: weapons to use, basic directions, setting up and finishing each of the hero-level runs

  • Run Basics: if you're new to hero runs, this is the place you should start

MPROG information: some basic item crafting
Other Activities: other activities in the game that reward decent hero level equipment

  • The Dreaming: an explanation of The Dreaming and the rewards


Game Related

Area Directions: Directions to most places on the mud. (Verified: 9/25/2012)
Change Log: A list of changes and when they went into the game for reference.
Clans: all of the current clans of the realms
Class information: guide to each class in the game including key spells/skills and viable roles in a group setting
Mushclient Help: some hints and tips as well as useful plugins for the mushclient mud client.
Popular Myths: A page dedicated to identifying and proving/debunking popular Myths.
Race table: table of race base stats, size, immunities, resistences, vulnerabilities and permanent affects
Roleplaying Information: basic ideas and contact information for Roleplay Teachers
Questing: A listing of where quests go at each level.


Building Guide: help page for OLC building for Waterdeep mud including Pixie OLC guide
Mprog Guide: resource for MPROG building on Waterdeep including some useful documents


Factions: list of all of the organizations that previously held the title of faction.
Old Clans: listing and information regarding now-defunct clans
Quotes: various amusing quotes, collected through the years