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Prior to the cataclysmic events that destroyed the churches and clans of old existed bot clans and factions.

Factions were a looser organization than a clan, lacking a true clanhall or recall point.

Here will be Documented the Factions of old.


  • Township: Polaris

FLAME is an RP Faction/Cult. Devoted to the God of Fire, Kossuth. We are his mortal agents within the realms. With the rise of the Church of Istishia the influence of Kossuth was threatened, as was the intention of the members of the Church of Istishia. From this threat FLAME was born. Atandella and Elbryan stepped up and gathered all of those that would follow them in the fight against the water loving church. With Istishia under control, Flame broadened itself by setting out to help the people of Polaris. Our mission is to relieve them of the constant chill they are forced to live with everyday. Should you be interested in joining us in our fight just send a note to the leaders. You may also talk to any of the current members of the collective, they will be more than willing to help you get the information you need.


And lo a terrible force had entered into the realms.

The newly formed Church of Istishia tread in sloshing boots-steps across the realms, decrying and despoiling the goodly name of Lord Kossuth and seeking to extinguish his warming influence from the world in totality. The God of Flames was disturbed at the perversity of their goals, for should they succeed in subverting the populous into turning from Lord Fire, the realms would be tipped into eternal icy night.

In his immortal warmth and wisdom, Kossuth sought out his most loyal servants and set them to task to counter this most disturbing of threats. The FLAME were born in the burning hearts of Atandella and Elbryan and all those that followed.�

Their task is simple:

   To exalt and preach the truths of Lord Kossuth's benign nature in the face of Istishian lies and deceipt.
   To spread the welcoming influence of His blessings to those that are in need.
   To preserve the Fire Lord's good name in the face of all difficulties.
   To defeat the Church of Istishia's goals to plunge the realms into elemental imbalance.

Be it known that any of like heart and mind are welcome within the Fire Ranks in our most holy of missions.

Emirc Dezinargo Syndicate[edit]

  • Township: Underdark

The Syndicate is a group of individuals whose goals are self preservation and the enrichment of its members by any means necessary. It is a self sustaining organization that renounces all forms of government and relies solely on the bond of its citizens to provide a safe haven for people of all takes who share the same common goals. The diversity of people within the Syndicate is easily noted, even in its leadership. Everyone from renowned Crimelords to distinguished Merchants have found their place as part of the Syndicate, and call the lands of the Syndicate home.

Church of Istishia[edit]

  • Township: New Thalos

Istishia, Elemental Lord of Water, has a varied and scattered following around the Realms. Folk of all walk of life come together to revere the God-King of the Undines and further His goals. Because of their diversity, Istishians are most often found in a number of cults, though time has seen the occasional rise and fall of a unified church. They can be identified by their devotion to their God and by their symbol, a cresting wave.

Lately, the balance has been shattered. The influence of Kossuth, the Fire Lord, had shifted the natural balance of power and skewed the way of the Realms. His following, known as the Flame, has grown strong and altered the very nature of things. Their work, while good in intention, causes disruption and must be stopped before things spiral out of control. Heeding the call of their God, the members of the Church of Istishia pool their strength to wear down the Flame and return things to the way they should be. Like the tide ebbs and flows, so shall balance be returned so that the Realms may live peacefully once again.

Current Status & Goals~

   We currently are seeking more members, so that we can have enough members to maintain our stance in the realms.
   Tensions between FLAME and our Church continue to escalate. We have a neutral basis with them, and are trying to maintain it.
   The city of New Thalos and all areas to the east of New Thalos including the Dark Continent is governed by us.

Spanning different clans and a wide variety of classes, the only commonality between us is our worship of Istishia. Generally neutrally-aligned, our members include Celestians, Hoarders, Mystrans, Sunites, Talosians and even Loners.

Most people on WaterDeep scoff at our beliefs, never having seen any manifestation of Istishia - they doubt his existence - and openly joke about our beliefs.

At neutral agreement with Kossuth - Lord of Fire - his followers (the FLAMEs) and at odds with Grobnak - Leader of the Jihad - his followers have been seen in the Realms as of late and must be watched carefully.

Church of Players[edit]

  • Township: Old Thalos

Not much is remembered of this faction. Their flag was CoP. They ruled Old Thalos. Notes were sent to churchplayer.

Keepers of Antiquity[edit]

  • Township: Myth Drannor

The Keepers of Antiquity are a loosely structured form of government currently in jurisdiction over the area in and around the Ruins of Myth Drannor. To us, Myth Drannor represents a worse case scenario of knowledge lost, and it is our intent to keep history from repeating. With the everpresent danger of Ragnarok, this intent is further grounded in necessity.

Our goals are simple: To preserve all forms of knowledge through the cataloging of antiquities, the charting of territories, and by recording the passage of events both social and historical. Citizens take an active role in the faction, through contributions to the knowledge base in any way they can provide. In return, they enjoy a rich and prosperous citizenship under the strong and everpresent government structure of the Keepers.

Though we do not maintain an open door policy on applying for citizenship into the Keepers, we do accept citizens through a mentorship process in which those interested become sponsored by a current citizen or member who will step up and speak on their behalf. Those genuinely interested in joining should find a mentor first.

Qualities we look for in a citizen are those who feel strongly about our beliefs and are of a good and temperate nature. Prior knowledge about the realms or the desire to learn is an obvious prerequisite to citizenship.


  • Township: Torregiano

Not much information survives about this long dead faction. Though it once served as a research organization regarding the four swords of ragnarok.

Pax Faerunis[edit]

  • Township: Westbridge

Our purpose is to bring peace and freedom to whatever lands we control. Assorted members of four clans have come together to use their unique talents to combat whatever force threatens peaceful people.

The Church of Mysteries worship Mystra, Goddess of Magic - seeking out new and old magic alike, protecting and preserving it.

The Church of Celestia are peace-loving worshippers if Celestia, looking out into the Heavens for inspiration.

The Church of Justice - worshippers of Tyr, The Even Handed - metes out impartial justice.

And finally, The Harpers, have always moved behind the scenes, to maintain the balance of power in the Realms.

Now, with The Rok - that Bringer of Death to All - coming ever closer, members of these organizations have made their longstanding alliance into a political entity - no longer neutral, not longer pacifist.

The Mystrans have opened their secret libraries and magical storehouses to their allies by preparing 'The Archive' - the largest collection of magical knowledge the Realms have seen.

The Celestians, once content to gaze at the stars, have now turned their eyes to The Rok, flaming over the Realms - promising destruction. With the help of the other allies, they are contructing 'The Celestial Focus' - a new telescope that will peer into the heart of The Rok itself.

The Tyrrans have contributed their administrative, and governing skills, to help the Mystrans and Celestians raise the funds necessary to complete their tasks. Their honor, and fairness (it is hoped) will keep their city politically stable, and keep hope alive that a solution will be found. All citizens can look upon their 'Temple of The High Court' and know that they are ruled justly.

And finally, The Harpers have sent their agents out into the Realms, infiltrating the other governments and factions of the land - watching, waiting - sending much needed information back to their home city.

Tripower Empire[edit]

  • Township: Torregiano

The primary ruling pody of The main continent. In opposition to the Vectorian Empire.

Vectorian Empire[edit]

  • Township: St. Plattsburg

Controlling parts of the northern sections of the continent, A long history of conflict exists between these Esper hating people and the Tripower Empire.

Sephirothian Empire[edit]

  • Township: Mahn-Tor

The ruling body over Mahn-Tor where Sephiroth makes his home. This group of his followers seeks to bring Jenova back into being.


  • Township: N/A

Ao, in an attempt to fully destroy The Apprentice, has sent the RoK before. Each time it is sent, it is beaten back... and sent again generations later. It is for this reason that Jihad believes Ao to be evil, and needs to be destroyed. The Jenovese (Jihad) believe that by destroying the RoK in its current incarnation, it is only leaving the problem to future generations. Jihad seeks a long-term solution.

In the Time Before Time, Ao took on a pupil- The Apprentice. Ao gave unto his Apprentice a world to build life- and build life he did. When the time came to inspect his pupil's work, Ao discovered his Apprentice had created a world far superior to his own. In jealousy, Ao sought to destroy this new world. The Apprentice opposed him, and was murdered alongside his creations. The Great Realms would not see life again until the mortals Nisstyre and Teron stumbled upon it millennia later.

In his final moments, The Apprentice prophesied his own return- That when next Ao destroyed the Great Realms, he would be resurrected to reclaim his throne, as well as Ao's for his treachery. In making this Prophecy, The Apprentice vested his final lifeforce into the RoK- making of it a dead god. By worshipping the RoK, many Jenovese hope to sustain and strengthen that ailing force. They also believe that by doing so, they leave an imprint of their soul upon The Apprentice's memory- and will be Reborn after the RoK strikes and Ao has been defeated.

It should be noted that not all of the Jenovese worship the RoK, or seek its fall. The common citizens of Jenova often play no role in their government's schemes. Also, Jihad's five Divisions vary slightly in their beliefs. Lastly, there is the fanatical group which calls itself Dissonance- this group of Cyricists believe The Prophecy is a prophecy of Cyric ascending to Elder Godhood- *as* The Apprentice.

Apostles of the Crypt[edit]

  • Township: N/A

Originally founded as a subdivision of the Vectorian Empire, the Apostles of the Crypt were the clandestine assassin squad of Kefka's. Prior to the war with The Tripower, Lord Kefka used us to help murder Ganon Vector. As an undead experiment, the assassin's of the Apostles were highly effective during the in-fighting.

Once Kefka were defeated by the might of the Tripower, the Apostles went into hiding. During the years since the war, a select few of them rose to the top and built up secret political and economic connections. Now, the higher ups of the Apostles are hidden within several governments and businesses posing as the figure heads for noble families, all the while manipulating behind the scenes. We manipulate the petty lives of the living in order to attain our goals.

Just because we prefer to use means other than brute force, do not believe that we are weak. Immortal lifespans have given us many deadly skills that we employ when necessary. Being an Apostle of the Crypt requires secrecy, skill, and intelligence.

Merchants of Sembia[edit]

Originally hailing from the East, Merchants of Sembia is a group of poeple, banded together by one common goal, money. Members are honorable merchants who have an unquenchable thirst and drive for trading and above all else a larger bank account


Formed many years ago by one named Amanar, the Black Rose has evolved from a ruthless band of outlaws caring only about power, into a more lawful society. The lands are still controlled by outlaws, but one may come across others such as law abiding citizens and followers of major churches.

Black Rose is different from others in that they are not a tight-knit family, they are a community no different from Westbridge and ZoZo. It is uncommon to see citizens battling other citizens, but one will never see citizen battling higher ranking Roses in fear of exile.

The Faction of the Black Rose is best viewed as a country and not a collection of people. Within that land people live, some good, some evil, some neutral. As such each citizen has their own aims. Collectively however the Black Rose Faction will be seeking to expand it's lands, wealth and power.

Formed many years ago by one named Amanar, the Black Rose has evolved from a ruthless band of outlaws caring only about     
power into a more lawful society. The lands are still controlled by outlaws, it's still led with an iron fist wielded by an  
inflexible master but, as the faction prospered it's become less evil and more neutral, as is natural as societies develop.

Once the Black Rose accepted most everyone without discrimination but times change. Slowly, as one combatant clan after the  
other either attacked Black Rose citizens (as with the Church of Destruction) or allied themselves with the Church of Cyric  
(the Harper Alliance and the Shadow Thieves) more and more of clans were expelled from the lands. Now only outlaws, loners  
and non-combatants are accepted.

An uneasy peace exists between the Black Rose and the non-combatant clans so many "pacifists" can also be found living in 
the lands of the Black Rose.

However, the Black Rose is known as a loners haven, an outlaws paradise, a place to rest between adventures, to set up shop, 
to live and to relax.

If you seek a place of neutrality where extremist religion or fanaticism aren't present then the lands of the Black Rose may 
be you for.

Should you desire to know more about the Black Rose, seek out one who bears their symbol