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The information below is directly copied from each clan's help file in game with added leaders where appropriate. To change the information below, have your clan's help file updated and note Quintus or Vorcet to have the information below changed.

The Black Church[edit]

  • Alignment: evil
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: Sephiroth
  • Leaders: Zane, Sensui

Jenova - The Mother. Ragnarok - The Faother. Sephiroth - The Son.

Members of the Black Church are followers of Sephiroth. They would lay down their lives for the Lord and believe themselves to be infused with Jenova cells, rendering them special. Their only concern is to serve the "High Priest of the Apprentice, charged with the task of completing the Apprentice's resurrection." They are secretive, devout and have definite plans for the lands beyond the Deva Kingdom. Nothing matters for these beings beyond the long-term goal of seeing the Apprentice returned to the lands at the hand of Sephiroth. However many deaths or disease or famines must occur are merely a means to an end. They feel no love or compassion for those outside their ranks and their entire being truly resides around the One True Son - Sephiroth.
OOC: Applicants send a forum note to BlackChurch

The Hoard[edit]

  • Alignment: neutral
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: none
  • Leaders: Dryden, Arkain

"Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself."

In the wake of the Great Fall of Cruoris, amidst the surge of apostates and the disaffected, the realms saw chaos. From within that chaos, we saw opportunity. And from that opportunity came the Hoard. Bound only in loyalty to each other, beholden to no gods, the Hoard lay beyond reach of any government.

Steadily working behind the scenes, we have amassed fortunes of money, knowledge, and influence. Uniting scholars and soldiers, merchants, even individuals from darker walks of life. The Hoard has expanded its bounds to envelop many of the facets of daily life in the realms. Dealing in economic affairs, financially backing politicians, even providing the finest protection of cargo or escorts. Our presence can be felt in every facet of the daily life within the realms, if one is looking in the right place.

Sometimes our methods may come into question, but it is not control we seek, merely the profit where control is found lacking. It is not our place to take a side. Such an action could cost our organization not just money, but damage that which we value most. The integrity of our commitments, regardless of who bid the highest. We are usurers of the highest quality, an impartial hand guided simply by the flow of wealth.

The Keepers of Balance[edit]

@========================+++Keepers of Balance+++=============================@
|                                                                             |
|    From the burning ashes of chaos, life must prevail, endure, and renew.   |
|    Toril, left to its own ends by the absence of the Gods, has found it-    |
|    self deeply at odds. Crusaders for right war on one side - pushing for   |
|    good at any cost, while Death rampages on the other - willing to go to   | 
|    any means for suffering and torment.  Governments have banded together   |
|    in opposition of one another, and many without affiliation are left in   |
|    the ruins. Political ambitions and extreme polarization has filled the   | 
|    vacuum left in the wake of the Black Churchs war on the world.           |
|                                Until now.                                   |
|                                                                             |
|    The Keepers of Balance are a  group of  individuals seeking to counter   | 
|    the extreme polarization of the world through balance.  The chasm left   |
|    when opposing  forces move apart  so violently always leaves a void of   |
|    disarray in  its wake.  Balance is the  understanding that  while each   |
|    and every position has an opposing side, each side is necessary in order |
|    to define the other. Good would not exist without evil, nor evil with-   |
|    out good; tolerance is required to evoke this depth of understanding.    |
|                                                                             |
|    Members have  the freedom to pursue  any focus within the clan - be it   |
|    balance  between magic  and technology, balance between good and evil,   |
|    balance between riches and poverty, balance between knowledge and        |
|    ignorance - as long as there is an imbalance in the world of any kind,   |
|    our  members can seek to  correct it.   Those committed to filling the   |
|    space between polarities and espousing the ideals of tolerance are wel-  |
|    comed into our halls.                                                    |
|                                                                             |
|    Through the spreading of balance and tolerance, we seek to end the age   |
|    of chaos  that has  gripped Toril.  Though  balance and  tolerance, we   |
|    strive to bring into order to what is in disarray.  Through balance is   |
|    the truth, and through truth, balance.                                   |
|                                                                             |

Order of the Long Death[edit]

  • Alignment: evil
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: TBA
  • Leaders: Gruumsh, Vassago

Death is the only thing guiding this group. Be it a quick death or a slow prolonged death, it's all about the dying. Rumour has it a small cult in the Long Death is trained to prolong death as long as possible while inflicting as much pain as possible to learn what they can. Pain, torture, suffering, blood, horror, decay, stench, rotting corpses and the complete defiling of dead bodies - this is the Long Death.

Order of the Radiant Heart[edit]

  • Alignment: good
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: TBA
  • Leaders: Psycho, Crovax, Tsabicaran

The nemesis of both the Long Death and the Maelstrom, these noble beings are committed to upholding honour and ridding the realms of injustice, chaos and evil. These are experienced fighters who are willing to sacrifice their life to rid the realms of evil and they can be almost fanatical in their zeal. They are an exclusive bunch and are treated by the good with respect and reverance.

They are often the ones frightened citizens come to asking for help from the forces of evil that haunt them. The members of the Radiant Heart are to be trusted and looked up to, youngsters start at an early age training to join this venerable group.

Tripower Kingdom[edit]

  • Alignment: government
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: Nisstyre
  • Leaders: Mason, Ror, Throm

In the name of the king, the senate and the people: we are the Tripower.

  • We are government and you are free to follow your own religion, as long as it does not undermine the Kingdom. We offer sanctuary within our lands for your ceremonies, but we are not concerned with your deity. You are free to worship any God, Goddess or tree you so desire.
  • We accept and welcome any alignment as a succesful government needs people of all pursuasions. Good, neutral or evil, we pass no judgement on your lifestyle choices.
  • We take care of our own. All for one, and one for all. Even the dark side of the Tripower will stand to aid any of their fellow citizens in need.
  • We are scientists, inventors, artists, writers, musicians, magicians, soldiers, politicians, citizens and above all, sworn enemies of all things Vector.
  • We have no aggression towards anyone other than Vector. Nevertheless, we will fight to the end to defend what is ours, should the need arise. Furthermore, as with all governments, we cannot be responsible for what our fringe members might happen to do.
  • We welcome all, and invite anyone who harbours a grudge against Vector and anything they may have done to you or someone you know.

OOC section follows OOC information

  • Requirements to join:
- You are second tier and an active roleplayer with basic RP campaign knowledge.
- You have no alts in Vector. Other clans are fine, but none in Vector.
- You are not an ass on OOC, not an eq-mule, nor an elitist snob.
- To start application procedure, write a roleplay-styled letter (note) to "tripower". (This also goes for alts of tripower members)

  • Tripower philosophy:
- A clan is for life, so choose wisely. 
- For King and Kingdom: all for one, and one for all.
- Loyalty is paramount. Clan info is to be kept inside the clan. (note: Sharing such info is penalized with eviction and noclan.)
- No internal drama. Problems? Note leaders and patron Imm. Keep it off the channels.

  • Leaving the Tripower:
- Should roleplay lead to other roads: remember that there is no easy escape.  You must RP your way out. Should your character survive, you will wear the Traitor mark and be noclanned for one real life month, destined to walk the lands alone.

Vectorian Empire[edit]

  • Alignment: evil
  • Type: combo
  • Patrons: Heidegger
  • Leaders: Gackt, Byakuya

Throughout a line of possibly shady activities the Empire is currently under the control of Kefka Palazzo. An insane but possibly brilliant man. Rumored to have taken power through assassination. Emperor Kefka is mostly withdrawn and handles his leadership duties mostly through his Generals and Officials.

Currently the Vectorian Empire is split between its military sector and its government sector. The government are your "Elected" officials that may range from mayor of a city or township to sheriff of a small town within the nation. The military is the strong arm of the Empire, keeping its country "safe" and its borders under control.