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19 AUG 2012

  • NPK may now relocate to each other. PK can relo to each other If in the same clan, or friended.
  • Clan leaders now have a channel that goes between all clan leaders of all clans named "clead".

09 SEP 2012

  • Liches gain Replenish and Coldfire, for explainations on how these new spells work see the class pages.
  • Cleave has been tweaked to be closer in damage to other classes main skills. Its damage has also been made "null" meaning unnafected by res and vuln.
  • Rescue has been tweaked such that if you rescue a person, you only become the tank for the mob/player if the person rescued was the tank for the mob/player.
  • Kick and Acid blast have seen Severe upgrades to increase their usefulness while leveling.
  • Sages now Have levitate shield.

26 OCT 2012

  • The issue where one airship will teleport another has been fixed. All existing airship keys are garbage. You need to get a new key.

27 OCT 2012

  • New PK ranking system installed and visible on whois and finger.
  • NPK can now recall from anywhere inside of their clanhalls.

19 NOV 2012

  • Global Noloot flag and global Doublee xp flag added for immortal use.
  • In Noloot PK, if you die, spells like curse and entangle will be removed upon death.
  • It is no longer possible to voodoo a TNPK player and turn them PK with no action on their part.

20 NOV 2012

  • A bug was fixed involving arena while the Noloot global flag is active.

24 NOV 2012

  • Necrotic Strike, Bearstomp, and Rush added to replace Backstab.

25 NOV 2012

  • Pets no longer eat EXP from their owners while leveling.
  • Bearstomp and Summon Bear have been changed to level 15 and a new low level bear has been added for levelers below level 50.
  • Pets may now recall from clanhalls with their masters.
  • Pass Door, when cast will now cast on your entire group, including pets.

9 DEC 2012

  • kills in NOLOOT PK now drop a corpse for voodoo purposes.
  • Killing another player that is wearing a clan symbol results in your own clan symbol getting stronger.
  • stealing coins now works in NOLOOT PK.
  • pklogs command added (keeps track of kills and some data regarding them)
  • Mana cost for meteor swarm has been reduced.
  • Rotdeath EQ will now rot in NOLOOT pk as intended.

1 JAN 2013

  • The entire toggle system has been reworked. There is now only one type of character. You start out NPK and at ANY time you may choose to toggle to PK. once toggled to PK there is a 200 tick timer before you can toggle back to NPK if you want. Otherwise you may stay PK indefinitely. After you have disengaged from PK combat you gain a 20 tick timer before you can toggle to NPK status.
  • TRUEPK Bonus - The first time a character turns PK they will get a "truepk" bonus. this equates to 300 HP to your base as well as 3 rolls and -3 saves. Should you toggle back to NPK at ANY time... You lose this bonus permanently.
  • Leveling through the Gauntlet (level 96-101) as a PKer now provides an added bonus. You get 5 extra trains for attaining level 97 and 98 while PK. 10 extra trains for attaining level 99 and 100 while PK, and 20 extra trains for reaching level 101 while PK. This is a total of 50 extra trains.
  • Each PK rank now has a bonus to your character associated with it. This can be viewed by typing pkscore (Shows your rank and its associated bonus), and pkscore ranks will show you all of the current list of named ranks.
  • HP cap has been raised to 16k
  • A mana cap of 20k has been implemented.
  • WANTED flagged people may now participate in arena and Mass arena.
  • Zapped objects due to alignment now always fall to the character's inventory.
  • Help Newbie has been updated and a mob has been added to the New THalos pier to transport players to certain areas of the Forgotten Realms.
  • Resistances and Vulnerabilities have been modified to affect damage less during PK, no change in this regard for NPK activities.

5 JAN 2013

  • Steal now works on mobs for all players.
  • New characters now recieve detects so that they can see the who list.

9 JAN 2013

  • Clan leaders can now add owners to clan lockers, added owners can also add new owners.

13 JAN 2013

  • Some tweaks to gladiators and bash/stun
  • Reformatted the way second through seventh attack work. Under new change, if second attack fails all other attacks will still check for success.
  • weapon type and proficiency factor into dodge and parry now.
  • group members can see each other like friends.
  • PKlegend now shows your rank even if you're not in the top 30

5 FEB 2013

  • Moonshae Isle and associated run are open.
  • Notes stay on board for 60 days instead of a week.
  • Wanted can no longer be attacked while carrying the IQ flag.

11 FEB 2013

  • Team arena opened. supports up to 4 teams of 4
  • Elven Valley rebuilt and opened.

13 April 2013

  • Fixed players not ticking issue
  • When stunned, no longer able to rescue, eat, or drink
  • RP flag turns off on logout. to be used only WHEN roleplaying.

19 June 2013

  • flee lag reduced to half of previous value. still more than origional, but less than it was.

21 June 2013

  • Shadow temples and shadow realm opened to public.

16 August 2013

  • Login Creation process overhauled.
  • Wanted no longer spams when wanted players quaf healing potions.
  • Damage code re-written.
  • Cleaved tweaked to have it land more often.
  • Anti-gangbang bash coding tweaked.
  • word of recall no longer empowerable.
  • Help system overhauled.
  • Flee penalty that prevented removal of gear is no more.
  • Monks introduced.
  • High forest Opened
  • Nordahaeril Opened
  • Crypts of despair, and Deeper Crypts of the Undead have been overhauled.
  • Drag command gets a helpfile
  • Loners can quaf at recall.

8 Dec 2013

  • Run mobs that previously bashed and healed themselves no longer bash.
  • Vector gets a new clanhall and Maze.
  • New runpurger like mob in place to control release of previously "Once per reboot" items.
  • Runs that were previously once per reboot have also been put on a timer to open occasionally and also reload
after complete.